Strategic Management

Our strategic management roadmap will help you achieve your goals. We will help you formulate SMART goals that align with your stakeholders’ interests. Our proven framework has helped in businesses’ restructuring, fusion and mergers.

Operations Management

Design and control your production and business operations ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

We apply the latest, most accurate mathematical optimization simulations for demand and capacity planning. Our operations management services include safety, risk and maintenance policies for your facility management and supply chain integration.

We have achieved impressive results for our clients, including more than 25 % annual increase in production and cost reductions of more than 30 %.

Organizacional Development

Become a sponsoring organization anticipating problems and solving them. Our proven Changing Agent method will help your organization face changing conditions, while self-renewing, by applying feedback and corrective mechanisms.

Restructuring processes for some of our clients have been successfully completed by focusing on people first!

Project Management

Manage complex projects while maintaining, achieving and improving your initial goals. Our proven Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Virtua Project Management (VPM) solutions will help you achieve tangible results.

We have helped organizations achieve impressive goals. For instance, we have helped business' expand their capacity by 100% in one year, while maintaining normal operations objectives.

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